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We are always looking for new people!

If you are interested in joining our team
or have any questions,  please give us a call
(250)674-3114, email,
or drop off a resume at our office -
80 Camp 2 Road, Clearwater, B.C.

Current Openings


As an apprentice mechanic, you will work closely with our experienced mechanics to gain valuable hands-on experience and training in Heavy Equipment, Commercial Vehicle repair and maintenance. This entry-level position is ideal for someone with a passion for automobiles and heavy equipment.



1. Assisting senior mechanics: Work under the guidance of experienced mechanics to perform repairs and maintenance tasks, including engine diagnostics, brake systems, electrical systems, suspension, hydraulics and other mechanical components.

2. Learn and apply repair techniques: Acquire practical knowledge of heavy equipment repair methods and industry best practices, and apply them under supervision to gain expertise and proficiency.

3. Perform routine inspections: Assist in conducting routine vehicle inspections to identify potential issues, safety concerns, and necessary maintenance requirements.

4. Perform routine service maintenance/ repairs such as oil changes, tire rotations, and supervised minor mechanical repairs.

5. Maintain a clean and organized workspace: Keep the work area tidy and maintain tools and equipment in good working condition to ensure a safe and efficient work environment.

6. Observe safety protocols: Adhere to safety guidelines and precautions while working on vehicles and equipment to maintain a safe workplace.

7. Learn from technical manuals and resources, schematics, and diagnostic tools to enhance your knowledge and problem-solving abilities.



•Valid Driver’s license

•Education: High school diploma or equivalent is preferred.

•Passion for mechanics: Genuine interest and enthusiasm for automobiles, commercial vehicle and heavy equipment industry.

•Basic mechanical knowledge: Familiarity with basic automotive systems and parts is preferred but not mandatory.

•Team player: Willingness to collaborate with the team and learn from experienced mechanics.

•Problem-solving abilities: Ability to identify problems and propose practical solutions. •Safety-conscious: Understanding of safety protocols and a commitment to following them diligently.

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